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    Right "well done"! First get the floor mopped and then take the kids for a thorough shower. Pls come up with something sensible for a change.

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    lol its so funny even it must be scary

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    I finally finished it today I sub

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    Wow what a cool way for lip balm

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    How did rosy had 3 arms whwn she took a bath? If you saw that in the vedio, add a like to this

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    Please release zombie survival part 7

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    I liked the good mermaid

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    Ghost Ahhhhhh😲😲😲

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    Hey that looks like that girl whit brown hair frm sevensupergirls

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    Troom Troom: Has actually good tutorials _Wait, thats illegal_

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    U guys need to stop trying

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    *Hey dear humans, After watching this video,I just reported our captain that we won’t take control of earth because the humans are stupid. We need more intelligent creatures.* From Area 51.

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    • siti maulida

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    Anyone watching in 2021? Only me,ok.... Lol!😂

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    Do bats have eyes🤣🤣🤣 hahahaha

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    the 1st one was just😂

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    Whats a “minecraft colors?”

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    This video should be called ' How to keep you're pets held captive in a tiny place their not comfortable in '

  51. Avery's Minecraft Adventures

    Avery's Minecraft Adventures

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    I hate groom i have barely any hit and i love it

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    روح قلبي

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    So cut pets even I have a cat make a video for cats also please please 👏👏👏

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    ummm... the boy is wierd cause why did he use HaIr ClIp?

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    I did the balloon expirement with my teacher and freinds

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    That would be my child 5:00 outrunning the monster

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    8:32 I just laughed so hard at that random scream wtf that was so weird and random like I wasn’t expecting it and just,,, idk

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    We love miss smith

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    Hi im an philipino but i realy like your chanel and woohoo that its yours i beleive sortta

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    Fancy school with 2 students???

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    5:03 Long hair is easy to brush, just brush it from the bottom to the tøp instead of going straight from top to bottom. Like work your way up.

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    what if u are too awkward to wear a ponytail or if u are too emo so it won’t work with ur style :( lol

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