INSTAGRAM VS REALITY || Are you living an insta lie? || Relatable by 5-Minute FUN

What do you choose: Instagram lie or reality?
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Do you feel sometimes that you are not really that person from your Instagram? Don't worry we all have done that once or twice:
0:11 Morning make up for Instagram
0:33 Breakfast for photo in Instagram
1:01 Ugly make up looks good on photo
1:20 Life hack for sporty photos
1:49 Going for a walk with Instagram addicted
2:11 Lack of attention on the road
2:18 Using clothes only for Instagram picture
2:35 Photo in boyfriends T-short
3:16 Faking summer pictures
3:30 Posting food photos
3:44 Taking too long to make photos in the toilet
Which situation do you find the funniest? What stupid things people do except of those to look good on the Instagram?
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Fun videos and relatable facts about life, family, girls, and boys and simply everything. Things that everyone feels, but hardly talk about. Stay tuned - you will definitely enjoy the comedy!


  1. 5-Minute FUN

    5-Minute FUN

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    Which situation do you find the funniest?

    • Veronica Gonzalez

      Veronica Gonzalez

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      Ellie's Tube L1hey hey

    • blue_kera Harper

      blue_kera Harper

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    • Viktoria Ghalumyan

      Viktoria Ghalumyan

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      Do you live in russia?

    • Maria Carol Bastos

      Maria Carol Bastos

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      I Love Anna

  2. Prudence Barbera

    Prudence Barbera

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    Is that a plastic straw I see? Just kidding or am I

  3. khan bhai

    khan bhai

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    she is so beautiful

  4. it's me Sophie

    it's me Sophie

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    I found chuck at the back side at 1:30

  5. Mojibour Rahman

    Mojibour Rahman

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    Salfi gril 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Random Tech

    Random Tech

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    how many powerbanks you bringing for trip??????

  7. Suma Aich

    Suma Aich

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    Please give a boy acting like girls

  8. Elnur Nezerov

    Elnur Nezerov

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  9. Anto Doank

    Anto Doank

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    ????? Hello

  10. Albert Svensson

    Albert Svensson

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    It says on the text are you living a insta lie?

  11. Albert Svensson

    Albert Svensson

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    Ur lazy

  12. TheBlue Wolf

    TheBlue Wolf

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    Lol I feel bad for the guy!

  13. sunil biswas

    sunil biswas

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  14. Kavya Jain

    Kavya Jain

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    All my pics r super edited im ugly lol

    • Kate Marcus

      Kate Marcus

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      I can relate

  15. Zin Zin

    Zin Zin

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    Nếu bn gái mà thế thì em chia tay luôn😠😠😠😠

  16. Atiqah Hannania

    Atiqah Hannania

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    she lie

  17. Kawaii potato Faye

    Kawaii potato Faye

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    This is how many times i heared the camera sound | | | V

    • Olivia Johnson

      Olivia Johnson

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    • Peyton Robs

      Peyton Robs

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  18. Lorraine Moncrieff

    Lorraine Moncrieff

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  19. Stephen Campbell

    Stephen Campbell

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    So relatable

  20. Jodyjo100 the gamer

    Jodyjo100 the gamer

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    1:33-1:35 soo they are basically showing people that they should make their but look big to get comment that will probably make them uncomfortable

    • Anthony McDonald

      Anthony McDonald

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  21. Star_ Dreams

    Star_ Dreams

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    And this is way I dont have social media, we all get ADDICTED to the dang thing!!!!

  22. Oskar Grzybowski

    Oskar Grzybowski

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    #fun #realife

  23. Nate the Great Productions

    Nate the Great Productions

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    My sister thinks you guys are cool I think you guys suck

  24. Jimena Gamersus

    Jimena Gamersus

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    No. Mames. Este. Video. Que. Paso

  25. Donald Russ

    Donald Russ

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    umm hi

  26. Bobby Remblance

    Bobby Remblance

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  27. حسين صباح

    حسين صباح

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    Fgh Flow SwiftKey 😎🤪🤪😂😂😂🤣

  28. Naga Shri

    Naga Shri

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    I love Anna 😍 I am a big fan of her 😎 I watch all the videos of this channel😝 And I really love it 💖 And I love Anna 💘

  29. sge jvb

    sge jvb

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    RIP storage of the phone 😂😂😂

  30. Shdow Angel217

    Shdow Angel217

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    This is so me!! 😅

  31. Jorid Kristoffersen

    Jorid Kristoffersen

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    hjor a 📸 lover😂😛

  32. Sigita Viliušienė

    Sigita Viliušienė

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    Are you from Lithuania?

  33. قناة سلمى

    قناة سلمى

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    هههههههه تقتل بالضحك 😂😂😂



    Acum 3 Zile

    Türkler beğenebilir

  35. Never land

    Never land

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    Gleiche beetwäsche



    Acum 3 Zile

    Anna is sooooo funny

  37. zoya keyla chanel kurniawan

    zoya keyla chanel kurniawan

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    My mom did not let me check on instragram

  38. Arza Zzuairia

    Arza Zzuairia

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  39. Smiling B e e

    Smiling B e e

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    0:32 gets 10 likes me getting 3 likes 😂😂😂😂

  40. Haley Kim

    Haley Kim

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    I just wanted to say l have the same pillow case and sheets

  41. qtcute YT

    qtcute YT

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    I feel bad for mike for anna SELFIE SELFIE SELFIE

  42. Hassaan Rameen show

    Hassaan Rameen show

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    Anna is the best

  43. naina Raikwar

    naina Raikwar

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    Yeh instragram vs life nhi iss ka title when phone is life hona chahiye if i am right so like my comment ok

  44. Natasha Nadhila

    Natasha Nadhila

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    Bagus bngt loh Fidionya aku suka bngt got 😚😘😍

  45. Ismail Abu Bakar

    Ismail Abu Bakar

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    One more time she look at her phone slap her

  46. sunha Rani Gautam

    sunha Rani Gautam

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    Ilike you ,you are so beautiful

  47. Vitz Bangaroo

    Vitz Bangaroo

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    How many GB must her phone contain😂?!

    • Gelu Catrina

      Gelu Catrina

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  48. Mohammad MMM

    Mohammad MMM

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    It so funny.

  49. Karolis Juškėnas

    Karolis Juškėnas

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  50. Myliuute Mes

    Myliuute Mes

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    I think u anna i whant to be your kid!! YOUR PERFECT

  51. dimitris violeta

    dimitris violeta

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  52. mountains 998

    mountains 998

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    1:32 um.. PERVERT

  53. RobinPie


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    This is funny :D

  54. cloracourse


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    Talk about social media addict.

  55. TatianaTheGamer


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    what im so confused is this like 5 mintue crafts?

    • Sfia Krim

      Sfia Krim

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      شرك معن⁦♥️⁩

    • Sfia Krim

      Sfia Krim

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  56. Wolfiezzqueen _YT

    Wolfiezzqueen _YT

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    00:11 this is cancer.... it gives cancer to ur brain

  57. Natarajan Vijayakumar

    Natarajan Vijayakumar

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    What a fun

  58. Alpha Lady

    Alpha Lady

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    Nobody does this

  59. أركان الجابري الجويبر

    أركان الجابري الجويبر

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  60. Migle Miglyte

    Migle Miglyte

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    0:35 it's Lithuania