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  13. It’s Christian !

    It’s Christian !

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    6:26 she stuck with him through it all

  14. It’s Christian !

    It’s Christian !

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    6:26 🥺🥺♥️

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    8:51 Thank me later

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    W8 its been 9 years how did pewdiepie became famous?

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    0:56 Reality : Alibaba PewDiePie: Eli-bebe

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    You look so happy Pewds. I am glad about that. Brofist.

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    Subtítulos español plis¡¡¡¡

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    *Love from bangladesh ❤ congratulations bro❤❤*

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    I'm korean Hi pewdipie

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    Congrats bro gad

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    good luck always...a really great story..a beautiful wife and a wonderful life..good on you

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    100 million subscriptions! How do you do that?

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    Hi to you guys !! First time to watch PewDiePie's vidss

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    Кто русский?

    • • DeluX Standoff 2 •

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