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  1. Dazy 999

    Dazy 999

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    Wheels on the bus: 3:51 Class fight: 12:19 20:50: Principal Show and tell: 24:36 Nurses office: 28:58

  2. Dazy 999

    Dazy 999

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    33:16 (Ignore, it’s a time stamp where I got up to)

  3. Maisa Santos

    Maisa Santos

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  4. creepy pasta forever

    creepy pasta forever

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    My favorite part was they used their powers to get the bus out of the water

  5. cryiinq


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    tell me someone more kinder than melanie that released a movie for free on youtube without any ads for their fans

  6. Vale Cruz Alba

    Vale Cruz Alba

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    -Where's she? -Singing

  7. Hanna B.

    Hanna B.

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    watching this rather than making my homework tf

  8. frashta x

    frashta x

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    The movie is still up?! Oh my goodness we don't deserve Melanie Martinez and so many of us take her for granted.

  9. xlxcenx


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    Eu não consigo não amar essa perfeição

  10. Saffron Warren

    Saffron Warren

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    No one: The classmates at the end of show and tell: *ewwwww gross*



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  12. Zani Elk UwU

    Zani Elk UwU

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    Русские вы ГдЕ

  13. carle llanei

    carle llanei

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    39:13 my name is celeste mi nombre Es celeste 🤪

  14. Kaya Queens Q

    Kaya Queens Q

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    My daughter name is that

  15. what am i doing in my life help me please

    what am i doing in my life help me please

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    An accurate timeline to help people out there: Kindergarten - Wheels on the Bus 1st Grade - Class Fight, The Principal 3rd Grade - Show & Tell, Nurse's Office 5th Grade - Drama Club 6th Grade - Strawberry Shortcake 7th Grade - Lunchbox Friends, Orange Juice, Detention 10th Grade - Teacher's Pet 11th Grade - High School Sweethearts 12th Grade - Recess This is just how I like to put it, because there's no way Lunchbox Friends, Orange Juice, and Detention took 3 years in total to happen.

  16. Xime Rodrisan

    Xime Rodrisan

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  17. what am i doing in my life help me please

    what am i doing in my life help me please

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    crybaby in nurse's office: lilith PLEASE i wanna go with you!!! crybaby in recess, when lilith appeared: **i'm not so sure on this so OH CLIFFHANGER!!**

  18. jungbunnywoo


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    6:53 who's that guy? I want his @

  19. Jenny Amaral Ferreira

    Jenny Amaral Ferreira

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    My daughter is a HUGE fan of you,Melanie Martinez!!!! She wants to go to K-12 too!!

  20. Itz_ Cyn

    Itz_ Cyn

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    This is the 100th time I watched this and I am still amazed about how awesome this movie is❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  21. Camila Medeiros

    Camila Medeiros

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  22. honey• sugar`

    honey• sugar`

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    SUB INDO????????!!!!!

  23. Stefy Osas

    Stefy Osas

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  24. Giovanna Borckhardt

    Giovanna Borckhardt

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    I want part two , i love you melanie ❤🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  25. sweet aleen sugar

    sweet aleen sugar

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    Crybabies life is my life this is like watching my life happening

  26. XxMzMxX


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    Mean Girls or K-12? *Take your pick...*

  27. Ríann Sheridan

    Ríann Sheridan

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    Ok wow this is class

  28. Aahana Pandey

    Aahana Pandey

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    56:10 dont mind me just saving before i go to school

  29. Miguel Gonzalez

    Miguel Gonzalez

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  30. Moonya Galaxy

    Moonya Galaxy

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    What'd Melanie see at the end :o Oh and, seriously Melanie, I'm so thankful we don't need to pay for anything to see this masterpiece I love this so much

  31. Kayla Groff

    Kayla Groff

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    I wached this 2 times

  32. Ayumi Saito

    Ayumi Saito

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    they are like a robot when they are forced to dance.......

  33. Beth_ creepz

    Beth_ creepz

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    20:49 is the part that always scares me even though I've had watched this before

  34. gemma balmediano

    gemma balmediano

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    Teacher : **touches students** SSSniperWolf : *“that's illegal”*

  35. Ríann Sheridan

    Ríann Sheridan

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    Wow she is honestly just the best, like srsly

  36. Baby Girl

    Baby Girl

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    Him: literally making fun of her gapped tooth Also him: literally blue 🥶

  37. RoseRosey Roxanne

    RoseRosey Roxanne

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    i loved it it was just like a movie

  38. Tara Pavlovic

    Tara Pavlovic

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    I have a gap in the teeth follow yow dream and dont let the bullies to fuck whit you ignore them (i know its a film i am training to help )

  39. Sabrina Alves

    Sabrina Alves

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    BEST MUSICAL EVER!!!!💕💕💕😍😍😍

  40. Ella Salcedo

    Ella Salcedo

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    I don’t like class fight bc it scary

  41. Ella Salcedo

    Ella Salcedo

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    Bad boy

  42. gidya


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  43. Marissa Kaufhold

    Marissa Kaufhold

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    Them: Sick The nurses: 💃

  44. Amir Angkal

    Amir Angkal

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    Wait is that a hell academy

  45. Dakota Harris

    Dakota Harris

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    I showed this to my mom and she gave me a lecture 😂😂 bruh I cant show my mom nothing!

  46. Haqqy Gamer

    Haqqy Gamer

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  47. Haqqy Gamer

    Haqqy Gamer

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  48. Haqqy Gamer

    Haqqy Gamer

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  49. Amir Angkal

    Amir Angkal

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    Super mega wow unbelievable and wonderful song and a movie ha super thanks

  50. Lauren Walker

    Lauren Walker

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    the diversity 🤩 yes please

  51. Mount. Claude

    Mount. Claude

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    It’s like Melanie Martinez recreated Disney

  52. kayla agn

    kayla agn

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    multi talented queen🖤

  53. Gacha Star

    Gacha Star

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    Lol I thought in detention they were throwing cake

  54. x April x

    x April x

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    kelly: *attacks cry baby, slices her arm with a knife brandon: cry baby: *defends herself brandon: monster

  55. no stop

    no stop

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    how the fuck did i get from watching blakehomie at 1 am to watching k12 and ending at 3 am yo i need help

  56. ary150 arcmy

    ary150 arcmy

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    In a weird way its kindah high school

  57. Megan Cody

    Megan Cody

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    Can I just say that Melanie is absolutely gorgeous?

  58. Prime Plays

    Prime Plays

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    1:13:09 I lit cried rn. 1:26:49 I lit got so happy rn.

  59. Dustin Sinnett

    Dustin Sinnett

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    Can someone explain the story to me? Kinda confused 💀 I feel dumb

  60. The bad vloger

    The bad vloger

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    Orange juice made me cry because I hate me and my body 😭🧡🍊